Tofu Creatives is a design firm dedicated to harnessing creativity to effectively communicate complex issues. Our work focuses on visualizing development topics such as climate change, human rights, global health and the sustainable development goals. We provide visual solutions to your design needs. This includes visual summaries, animated explainer videos, web design, infographics, and creative workshops on visual storytelling.


We visually capture the shared ideas and insights of the event while it is happening. At the end of the session, we show the audience a visual walk-through synthesis of the event. This visual tool allows the audience to have a “big picture” summary of key takeaways, and to visually absorb the content of the session. It is an engaging method for wide audiences in conferences, workshops, meetings, and presentations. Organizers often use it for sharing on social media, to be included in reports, and also to be printed
as posters when needed.





Founder, Tofu Creatives

Chief Designer, Artist-Musician, and Creator behind Baybayin Learning Party

With over a decade of experience in the digital design and social media management industry, Nityalila has established herself as a trusted creative collaborator, a social media content producer, and a brand strategist for many entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and startup companies. She has a degree in interior design and a passion for technology.

She is an active member of organizations such as DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, a group of artists, musicians, and individuals who use art and music for advocacy; and an Ambassador of Yabang Pinoy, a campaign that hopes to unite the Filipino people in believing in Filipino products, in themselves and in fellow Filipinos. She is an educator of Baybayin for Filipinos around the world to reconnect with their roots and culture.

She has embarked on epic journeys, campaigning on climate justice and peace. She has walked from Manila to Tacoban in 2014, to commemorate Supertyphoon Haiyan. In 2015, she joined the People’s Pilgrimage – a 1,500 kilometer walk from Rome to Paris to bring the interfaith message to the climate talks in Paris. She has also joined the Peace March in Japan from Tokyo to Hiroshima, advocating for peace.





Founder, Tofu Creatives

Chief Doodler, Creative Communicator, and Creator behind @DesLikesDoodling

Desiree is a committed listener, a curious learner, and an innovative social artist. As an artist, her works have been exhibited and featured in Berlin, London, California, and Manila.

In the last decade, she has been working on climate and development issues as a policy adviser, strategist, communications expert, campaigner, and storyteller. As a German government scholar recipient (DAAD), she finished her Masters on Climate Policy from the University of Potsdam and specialized in climate-risk communication.

In previous positions, she has served as chief-of-staff to a Commissioner in the Climate Change Commission of the Philippines, Climate Justice Campaigner and Project Lead for Greenpeace Southeast Asia, and created a visual vocabulary on climate change as an Associate Consultant for the Bigger Picture – a creative firm in Denmark.

She has embarked on epic journeys to share stories of courage and hope, campaigning on climate justice. In 2015, she joined the People’s Pilgrimage – a 1,500 kilometer walk from Rome to Paris to bring the interfaith message to the climate talks in Paris. She has been on board ships from the Arctic to the tropical seas to share stories on how Filipinos are rising above the impacts of climate change.


Chief Designer


California, USA


Chief Doodler


Metro Manila, Philippines


In 2015, Nityalila and Desiree joined the People's Pilgrimage, a 1,500 kilometer walk from Rome to Paris. Since then, they have committed to using their creativity to communicate stories on climate change, human rights, and development.